About Us

Yasher Koah is a family owned business. Coming from a mechanic background we know how it feels to have a car or truck stuck in our bays due to some missing tool or missing part. The customer gets frustrated and we all lose time and money. We want to help alleviate this problem. Yasher Koah is here to bring your shop the tools to confidently finish that job.

Our main product is European specialty tools, but we also provide other types. Covered brands included are but not limited to Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW, and Audi. Some of our tools include Flywheel holder for N20 and N26, Benz engine fixing wrench, BMW camshaft drive chain tensioner tester. Some favorites are our N20 timing sets, Brake piston separators, Steel oil filter sets, variety of Dipsticks, Bushing installer/removers, and Flywheel holders.

If there is something that you have a hard time finding, then we greatly encourage calling or sending us an email. Please provide as much information about the vehicle as possible when doing so. Some information to have on hand would be year, make, model, and engine. In both forms please explain as much as possible. We try to respond as fast as possible so having more information helps us to serve you faster.

Thank you so much!
Ganing Faulk
(Founder and CEO)